Jacky Michaels

Jacky Michaels

Senior Lecturer - Marketing

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ID Event Name Duration Start Date
1407002 Persuasive Presentations 7 Hours 2020/05/25 (Mon)
UE-003 Strategy For Treatment 4 Hours 2020/05/25 (Mon)
UE-004 Learning From Nature 5 Hours 2020/05/25 (Mon)


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
BA-039 Information System 2 weeks 2020/05/25 (Mon)
MA-035 Work-Life Balance 18 months 2020/05/25 (Mon)
MA-045 Chemical Engineering 8 Weeks 2020/05/25 (Mon)
BA-038 The Theory Of Sport 1 week 2020/05/25 (Mon)
MD 5 Master Of Gamification 4 Weeks 2020/05/25 (Mon)


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